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Debriel Minibang: A Dean/Gabriel Community

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Name:Debriel: A Comunity for the pairing Dean/Gabriel
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A community for the pairing of Dean/Gabriel from the show Supernatural

About Debriel Mini-bang

Welcome to Debriel Minibang! We are a community for the pairing of Dean and Gabriel from the tv show Supernatural.

This community was created because the mods love the pairing of Dean/Gabriel, and decided that they didn't have enough love, so we decided to make our own spot for them and hope to attract like minded fans.

Starting April 1st, it will be a fabulous writing frenzy, ending with the culmination of wonderful fics to read.

We hope you'll join us and enjoy the ride just as much as us. Our FAQ page can be reached over here.

And should we ever need it, for whatever reason, our mirror site over on Dreamwidth.

Rules/Sign Ups/Important Dates

2013 Writer Rules and Sign-Ups:

1. Stories must be a minimum of somewhere between 5,000 and 10,000 words. More is always good, there is no maximum word limit.

2. Stories may be slash or gen. It can be het, too, as long as the main pairing/characters are still Dean and Gabriel (so, yes, this means gender bending i.e. “girl!Dean” and/or “girl!Gabriel” is allowed). Threesomes or “moresomes”-as long as Gabriel and Dean are the main characters/pairing-are also allowed.

3. The relationship (whether slash, pre-slash, or gen) between Dean and Gabriel must be the central element of the story.

4. You can post your story on your journal. Stories must be unlocked when you post and remain unlocked. We’ll create a master list of links here at the comm.

5. While we would like brand new never before posted stories, Works in Progress are allowed, but if you're going to use a WIP for the com, you MUST stop posting the fic on your journal or elsewhere until it is completed. The WiP must also be new, no sequels to other stories, please.

6. AU's and crossovers/fusions are allowed.

7. Only sign up to write ONE story. And, for now, only sign up for EITHER a story OR art. Not both!

8. Stories must be beta'd. No exceptions. We’ll have a post with beta communities you can utilize.

9. Writers must communicate with mods through the check-ins, with their assigned artist, and with their beta. Artists and betas must communicate back with their writer. If your writer/artist doesn't contact you when they should, please let the mods know. If you must drop out, please talk with the others and let them know and let the mods know as well.

10. Pairing Dean or Gabriel with other characters and keeping the relationship between Dean and Gabriel gen is allowed. For example, your fic can be Sam/Castiel as long as your fic is Dean & Gabriel-centric with a side of Sam/Castiel. If Dean and Gabriel are not centric to your fic you won't be allowed to post your entry to this community at the end of the challenge.

11. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

12. In regards to RPS, we will allow the pairing of Richard and Jensen if they are done in the "French Mistake" verse.

2013 Artist Rules and Sign-Ups:

1. We have a two-tiered system to accompany one of the mini-bang stories.

First Tier: One piece of art (not an icon, but maybe a banner for the story, for example)

Second Tier: Two pieces of art

2. Any type of art is welcome: original illustration, cover art, photo manip, vids, etc.

3. Art or vids can be of any rating (though you might want to consult with your writer).

4. You can post your artwork at your journal or site. Do not flock your posts. We’ll create a master list of links here at the comm.

5. Art and vids must be new and not posted anywhere before your posting date.

6. Artists must stay in communication with mods and with their assigned author.

7. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

2013 Schedule:

April 1st- Writer sign ups start.
April 15th- Writer sign ups end.
April 16th- Alpha/Beta/Cheerleader sign ups start.
May 1st- Alpha/Beta/Cheerleader sign ups end.
May 22- First Author check in.
June 12th- Artist sign up opens.
July 3rd- Artist sign up closes.
July 10th- Second Author check
July 24th- Rough drafts due.
July 26th- Art claims open.
September 15th-Posting begins.



Ways to reach us:

PM either of us through LiveJournal.
Our e-mail:
Out Twitter feeds:

scyllaya: @Scyllaya
moonbeamdancer: @Cynicalkittie


If you would like to ba an affiliate with us, just PM moonbeamdancer or scyllaya, and we'll add you back as soon as we can.


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